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How to Check for an Air Conditioning Leak in Corrigan, Texas

By HVAC ExpertJanuary 18, 2023Air Conditioning Services
air conditioner leak

Is the inside of your Corrigan, TX home on the warmer side despite the fact that your air conditioning system is turned on? If so, any number of things might be wrong with your AC system.

But more often than not, it’ll be an indication that you have an air conditioner leak on your hands. It’s going to put you in a position where you’ll need to have refrigerant added to your AC system all the time to help it cool off your home.

Instead of doing this, you should arrange to have a Corrigan, Texas HVAC company repair your AC leak. It’ll stop your AC system from leaking refrigerant and enable it to keep your home comfortable at all times.

As a homeowner, you should know how to check for an air conditioner leak in Corrigan, TX so that you can have it fixed. See how to do it below.

Look for Signs of an Air Conditioner Leak

If your home feels warmer than it should be in spite of your AC system is turned on, that’ll be the most obvious sign that you have an air conditioner leak in Corrigan, TX. But that isn’t the only sign that might suggest you have an air conditioner leak on your hands.

Here are a few other signs that might indicate you have an air conditioner leak:

  • The air in your home is unusually humid
  • Your home’s air conditioner doesn’t ever seem to turn off
  • Your utility bills are through the roof
  • Ice is building up around your AC system’s condenser coils
  • There is a hissing sound coming from your AC system

If you spot any of these signs, you should stop using your AC system as soon as you can and see if you have an air conditioner leak. It’ll show you that you need to schedule HVAC repair in Corrigan, Texas.

Check for an Air Conditioner Leak

If you notice any of the signs we just mentioned and suspect you might have an air conditioner leak in Corrigan, TX, you should investigate the situation further. There are a few ways that you can check for an HVAC leak.

First and foremost, you can stand near your AC system while it’s turned on and listen for the hissing sound that we just alluded to. If you hear it, that is more than likely going to tell you that your AC system is leaking refrigerant. It’s often the sign of a pinhole leak in a hose in your system.

You can also bring a Corrigan, Texas HVAC company that specializes in dealing with AC issues on board to conduct further tests on your AC system. Here is what they’ll do to identify the presence of a leak:

  • Apply soapy water to the hose that might be leaking to see if it bubbles up and pinpoints the location of a leak
  • Inject an ultraviolet dye into your AC system’s refrigerant and use a UV light to identify a leak
  • Utilize an electronic leak detector to find an AC leak

In some cases, an HVAC company will only need to use one of these methods to find an air conditioner leak. But in others, they might need to use two or even three of them to find where your AC system has sprung a leak.

Understand the Risks of an Air Conditioner Leak

The good news for those who have an air conditioner leak is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to fix. Any good HVAC repair company will be able to find a leak and repair it in no time.

But you might put your entire AC system at risk if you choose not to act quickly when you have a leak. It could put a serious strain on your AC system and force it to work so much harder than it would have to otherwise.

The refrigerants that are used in AC systems are also toxic, and they could make you sick or even prove to be fatal if you inhale them. For each of these reasons, you shouldn’t delay having an air conditioner leak fixed sooner rather than later.

Find an HVAC Company to Fix an Air Conditioner Leak

Do you have an air conditioner leak in your home? As we just mentioned, you shouldn’t put off having it fixed. If you do, it could take a toll on both your AC system and possibly even you and the others living in your home.

Rather than letting an air conditioner leak in Corrigan, TX linger, it’ll be important to have an HVAC company come out to your home to set you up with AC services. The HVAC company you hire to help you should have the following qualities:

  • Plenty of experience
  • The ability to repair a wide range of AC issues
  • Affordable prices
  • Enough availability to help you fix an AC leak fast

If you bring the wrong HVAC company on board to assist you with an air conditioner leak, it could make a bad situation worse. It’s why you should rely on the right company to help you repair your air conditioner leak in Corrigan, TX.

Let Us Repair an Air Conditioner Leak for You

Have you checked for an air conditioner leak in Corrigan, TX, and found evidence of what you believe to be a leak? If you have, we would love to handle repairing it for you.

We can send someone from our talented team of AC technicians out to work on your home’s AC system right away. We can fix your air conditioner leak and have your AC system running like normal again.

Contact us whenever you need to have AC or heating issues fixed. We serve those in Corrigan, TX as well as those in Livingston, TX, Point Blank, TX, Cold Spring, TX, Woodville, TX, and Onalaska, TX.