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Why You Should Clean Your Home Ventilation (Now More Than Ever!)

By HVAC ExpertMay 3, 2020Preventative Maintenance
Home Ventilation

Cleaning your home ventilation system is an important task in maintaining your quality of living.

Along with the things you might expect to be in your air ducts, like dust and dirt, you might also be surprised to hear that toxins circulate there as well. Building material, excessive moisture, and pesticides are just a few of the things that may be making their rounds in your home through your ventilation.

Now, more than ever, those with upper-respiratory challenges find themselves vulnerable to aggressive viruses. Keeping your lungs healthy at home starts in the home ventilation system.

Do Home Ventilation Systems Need to Be Cleaned?

The short answer is yes.

Building materials like asbestos can find its way into a home ventilation system as it degrades, spreading toxic material throughout the home. Another concern is pesticides, that have been tracked inside or blown into the home.

With over 25 million Americans around the country with asthma, 14.8 million with COPD, and 12 million Americans currently undiagnosed with upper respiratory diseases, keeping the lungs of yourself and your visitors healthy is critical. Continuing to circulate toxins through your home’s air supply means that occupants’ lungs will be consistently irritated.

Any pockets of excessive moisture in home ventilation systems also pose a threat to the upper respiratory health of occupants in a home or building. The constant humidity can lead to mold. Aside from a mildew smell from the mold, it can be dangerous as it grows and spreads through the home’s system.

Your HVAC System Will Thank You

Not only is the safety of your lungs at stake, so is the safety of your HVAC system. HVAC, or heating ventilation and hair conditioning, systems contain filters as well as ducts throughout your home.

Hopefully you have been changing the system’s filter on a regular schedule, but if not, take the time to check the filter. Keeping the filter itself replaced on a regular basis can help ease stress on the units involved as they circulate the air through your home.

A clogged filter will not be able to filter out dust, particles, and toxins from the air ducts. With an expired, clogged filter in place, the HVAC system will have to work harder to push air through the filter as well.

The added stress of air pressure in the ducts and pushing against the filter can be detrimental to the life span of your HVAC system.

What Can an HVAC Professional Do

Having a professional come check on your home ventilation system can make all the difference in how it functions, and how you breathe in your own home.

A professional service can take a look through the HVAC system to check for pockets of moisture that can lead to mold growth. They can also check to see if there is a buildup of particles circulating through the home.

HVAC professionals can also implement technology that helps control the spread of germs.

All of these things can lead to better indoor air quality.

Ready to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

By taking having a professional take a look at your home ventilation system, you will be on the road to a healthier environment. Breathing easy at home is something everyone should enjoy.

If you’re ready to improve your home’s indoor air quality, contact us.