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What Are The Best Heat Pumps To Keep You Warm?

By EmilyDecember 27, 2018Air Conditioning Services
Best Heat Pumps for Livingston Texas Residents

The weather has always been dynamic and demands that we appropriately adapt lest we suffer from its extremities. When the summer heat hits our homes, an air conditioner will help keep us cool, but then winter comes demands that we seek warmth from furnaces. However, would it not be better if we had only one equipment serving both purposes instead of switching from one to another as the weather changes? Indeed it would and Best Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC offers you this fantastic option with the best heat pumps in our selection. While a heat pump is very economical, it may not be affordable to most consumers but Best Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC considers this factor to extend easy payment options. Among the best heat pumps we stock are:

1. Goodman GSZ13 13 SEER

We are more than ever an environmentally-conscious people taking our time to sell only those products adhering to our ethics. Goodman GSZ13 is a heat pump enabling us to be friendly to the environment because it uses a chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant gas that does not damage the ozone layer. Besides, we do not want you to have a hefty energy bill at the end of the month, and this Goodman heat pump helps in reducing energy consumption for its entire lifespan. The best feature about is that it comes backed by a 10-year warranty so you can rest assured that it is worth every penny.

2. Carrier Infinity 20 25VNAO

For those of you with limited space, then the best heat pump will be this carrier infinity pump which occupies little space with its small frame. It is very efficient offering lots of warmth for those winter months, with its performance going as far as 100%. It also has a 10-year warranty for the compressor and parts, so we guarantee your peace of mind whenever you decide to add it on your shopping list.

3. Trane XV20i 4TWV0060A

While it can be a bit of challenge to install the Trane heat pump, and the cost can set you many dollars back, it is still one of the best pumps in the market. It can provide you with the much-needed warmth almost instantly no matter how cold it is. The fact that it is of premium build ensures that it lasts for a long time while its energy-saving feature guarantees that your power bills remain at a minimum. Further, it has two warranties, a 12-year one for the compressor and a 10-year one for the parts, stamping on its reliability. However, it can take up quite some space since it is large therefore you might want to create enough room whenever you want to install it.

4. Mitsubishi 19 SEER

The Mitsubishi 24,000 single-zone mini split system is among the best pump for use both indoors and outdoors. It is very efficient for both cooling and heating the home with its advanced air filtration system ensuring that we have high-quality air for better health. It is ductless and is very quiet, so much so that you might forget to switch it off. It comes with a 7-year warranty for the parts and compressor.

So, are you looking for a heat pump that cuts power usage while keeping you warm? Look no further than Best Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is the best place to purchase the heat pump of your choice. We also offer air conditioning & heating repair services, Livingston; Texas residents can benefit from at affordable prices. Call us now at (936) 213-5116 any time between 8 am and 5 pm from Monday through Friday, and get your quote immediately.