Bryant New AC Installation Rebates in Livingston & Cold Spring

Your Guide to Bryant New Air Conditioning Installation Rebates in Livingston & Cold Spring

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Are you in the market for a new HVAC system in the Livingston & Cold Spring, Texas area?

The average lifespan of an HVAC system varies, but the air conditioning component of a unit last an average of 10-15 years.

An HVAC system must be operating smoothly and efficiently to ensure your home or office is staying comfortable for you and your guests. But finding the best HVAC system for your needs can be a challenge.

Read on to learn about Bryant New AC Installation Rebates in Livingston & Cold Spring!

The Bryant Evolution

Bryant’s Evolution system is technology based and allows you to keep your home comfortable regardless of the weather outdoors.

The Evolution system also communicates problems to you. This means that you do not have to keep track of when your system needs a new air filter. That’s because the Evolution will notify you when it is time to change your filter.

It also boasts a SEER rating of up to 20. This helps your home be more energy efficient and saves you on the cost of expensive electric bills.

The Bryant Preferred

The Bryant Preferred is an air conditioning system that is a reliable unit for your home or office.

The Preferred model operates quietly which allows you to enjoy the comfort of the system without a lot of noise. The system has an EER rating of up to 17, which gives you a good level of energy efficiency as well.

With six different models to choose from, your Bryant HVAC dealer can help you find the best one for your needs.

These systems also offer Bryant’s 10-year limited warranty on parts from the date of registration. This gives you peace of mind that your system is protected from many unexpected, parts-related issues.

The Bryant Legacy

The Bryant Legacy is the company’s entry-level line but does not sacrifice the quality they are known for.

It has a SEER rating of up to 16.5, which allows it to maintain energy efficiency. Each of the line’s six models comes with a single-stage compressor. The system is able to operate with minimal disturbance with decibel levels as low as 72 on four of its six models.

The Legacy is the most affordable of all the Bryant air conditioners on the market and can be a great system depending on your needs and the size of your home.

Wrapping Up: Bryant New Installation Rebates in Livingston & Cold Spring

A Bryant air conditioner is a great addition to your home or office.

But buying a new system can be an expensive investment in your property. Finding Bryant new installation rebates in Livingston & Cold Spring can save you hundreds of dollars.

At Best Air Conditioning and Heating, we are offering $825 off on qualifying Bryant systems purchased between August 27 and November 15, 2018! We are also offering other rebates that offer significant savings on the cost of these systems!

Our family-owned company was established in 1983 and has knowledgeable technicians that offer meaningful solutions to your HVAC needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

air conditioning repairs in Livingston

8 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs in Livingston

By Air Conditioning Services

Your air conditioner has one job — keeping your Texas home cool.

But mechanicals fail, show their age, wear out, and require maintenance. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping its cool, it might be time for a service call.

Here are eight tell-tale signs that you are in the market for air conditioning repairs in Livingston.

1 – Leaks or Moisture Around Unit

There are several reasons you could be seeing liquid around your air conditioning unit, and they all warrant a service call.

The worse case scenario is that the fluid is leaked freon or refrigerant. Freon is dangerous, so a leak needs to be dealt with by a professional as soon as possible.

The leak could also be water from a blocked drain tube. This can cause water to leak out onto the ground around the unit, or show up as ice on the copper refrigerant lines.

The latter is not as serious as a refrigerant leak, but it still should be remedied by a repair person.

2 – Weak Airflow

If you’ve noticed your air conditioning unit is putting out weak air flow, it’s time for a checkup.

Weak airflow could indicate several issues. You might have issues with your duct work. It might also be a symptom of a failing compressor.

Call a pro to come check it out.

3 – Squeaking, Grinding, or Other Funny Noises

Abnormal noises are never a good sign. They might manifest as squeaking or grinding.

A squeaky unit might have a slipped belt. Grinding could be a broken part rubbing on metal.

If you hear strange sounds, get your AC looked at right away. Whatever you’re hearing could be a minor problem now, but if left alone for long it might cause costly damage.

4 – A Funky Smell

Your air conditioner should not smell. If you notice an odor, it’s time for a service call.

A strong, pungent odor could indicate failing wire insulation inside the unit. A musty odor might mean you have a problem with mold in your ductwork. You definitely do not want mold blowing into your household. Get that smell checked out to be safe.

5- Higher Humidity in your Home

A properly functioning air conditioner not only cools your house — it also lowers the humidity, making the air much more comfortable.

If your house is becoming more humid than usual, it might be good to get your AC unit looked at. Humidity might appear as condensation or dampness around windows. The air in your home might also feel “stickier” than it should.

Give your Livingston AC repair person a call to find out what’s up.

6 – Utility Bill is Going Up

If your utility bill is suddenly higher, you might have an underlying AC problem.

Rising utility cost could be from leaking ductwork or a faulty thermostat switch. It’s also possible that you have an older AC unit that just isn’t as efficient anymore.

Either way, get the unit checked so you can find out what needs to be done to prevent unnecessarily costly utility bills.

7 – Your AC is Reaching the End of Its Lifespan

Like all mechanicals in our home, air conditioning units don’t last forever. In fact, AC units generally last around ten years.

If your unit has been around for a decade, you might find you need service calls more often. It may also become less energy efficient. Call an AC specialist in Livingston for an inspection. They will be able to tell you if you need to start thinking about replacing your unit.

8 – It’s Blowing Hot Air

Ok, so this one might be obvious, but we wanted to include it anyway. If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, you have a problem.

There are a few reasons this might happen. Maybe you have a failing compressor or an issue with leaking refrigerant. In any case, your AC should do what it’s supposed to do — cool your home. If it’s not doing its one most vital job, give us a call.

Air Conditioning Repairs in Livingston are Just a Call Away

Most issues you’ll encounter with your air conditioner will probably only need a simple repair, but it’s smart to stay up on routine maintenance to help head off larger problems. Give us a call if you need air conditioning repairs in Livingston. We also do maintenance, installations, and replacements.

We also hope you’ll check out our blog for more information on keeping your cool!

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last in Cold Spring TX Blog Image

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last in Cold Spring TX?

By Air Conditioning Services

In the state of Texas, the air conditioning unit is essential to every home. This state is very hot and in order to stay comfortable, a working air conditioning system is needed. Many people wonder how long does an air conditioner last in Texas. This will depend on how well the system is maintained and how often repairs are made to this unit.

In order to keep the air conditioning units lasting long and working well, it is important to have the units maintained on a regular schedule. The professionals at air condition service in Cold Spring, Texas has the skills and the experience to keep the air conditioning unit as well as the entire HVAC system in top working condition.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The HVAC system needs two tune-ups a year. One should be done in the spring and the other should be done in the fall. Having the system examined by a professional will allow it to stay running effectively and will allow a person to keep their utility bill down. If there are problems or if any of the parts have become loose this can be repaired right away. A small repair that is not handled can lead to a larger and more expensive repair job. This will make sure your system is working properly and will check to make sure everything is functioning properly as well.

When these professionals in Cold Springs, Texas repair or replace a part on your HVAC system all of the labor is covered under a 30-day warranty. If there is a problem during this time period the technicians will come back to your home at no charge and diagnose and repair the problem. We will stand behind their work so you know you are getting only the top professionals working on your air conditioning system.

Need A Home Consultation?

The HVAC professionals offer a free in-home consultation. We will come to your residence and you can tell them about any issues or problems you are having with the HVAC system. We will also help you select the right HVAC unit to fit your needs if you do not already have some installed in your home. We even have a selection of energy efficient units that will help you save money on your utility bill and reduce the impact on the environment.

The coils of the HVAC unit can have a huge impact on performance. The professionals will clean the coils which will help you save money. Dirty coils will make the unit work harder and can reduce the efficiency of the system by as much as 21 percent. This can cost several hundred dollars a year and it is well worth it o have the coils cleaned by the professionals.

When living in Cold Springs, Texas you need to make sure you have working air conditioning or HVAC unit in order to stay comfortable. If you are experiencing problems with your unit or if it is time for a tune-up call the professionals at Best Air. We can send a certificated technician to your home to service your HVAC unit. Schedule an appointment now. 

Air Conditioner Summer Checklist Best Air Livingston TX

Summer Checklist for your HVAC Home Cooling System in Livingston, TX

By Air Conditioning Services

When you are going through your summer checklist for your HVAC home cooling system in Livingston TX, there are many things that you realize you need to do. After all, having a home is a big responsibility and upkeep can seem like a full-time job. However, you don’t need to worry about if your HVAC will break down. At Best Air, we will provide you with all of the information that you need to ensure that your HVAC doesn’t fail you. Count on us to ensure that your air conditioning works right and that you still have the A/C on those stormy summer days as well.

The First Item to Think About

     The first thing you should do when assessing your summer checklist for your HVAC home cooling system in Livingston, TX is to book a consultation with us. You can ask about repair services, installation/replacement, maintenance agreements, commercial services, and home comfort air quality. Basically, you should count on us to ensure that we are helping you with keeping a maintenance schedule that works for you. That means that you will have to worry less about booking when something breaks down, and more when it is time to do regularly scheduled maintenance work. It costs much more to deal with a broken down system than it does to worry about just making sure that something is in good working condition. When it gets to the point that the HVAC no longer works, then you will be looking at the cost of an entirely new system. This can run upwards of $7000. That is not a great figure for folks on a budget. Most people would prefer to spend that money on a vacation rather than an entirely new air conditioner.

The Second item to Think About

  You have to keep several things in mind when it comes to the summer checklist for your HVAC home cooling system in Livingston TX. One is that there are signs to look out for when it comes to repairs. If you start hearing strange noises, then this might be a signal that repairs are needed. As air conditioners age, they do get noisier. But you don’t necessarily have to put up with the creaks and crumbles. You can get that repair scheduled with Best Air quickly so that you know you are being proactive. We want you to also have proper air quality in your home. That is why we recommend changing the air filter every so often. You can take it out and notice if it is dirty or not. A dirty filter means that you should replace it so you don’t breath in airborne dust. The filter can also harbor bacteria that can make you sick so a swift replacement can mean the difference of whether you get that summer cold or not.

  Don’t take chances with your HVAC as it is expensive and difficult to replace. See our specials and rebates and give us a call at Best Air and get the best service you can. We will get you set up so that your summer is stress-free like it should be. We want to see you take that vacation.

Do I need to buy an air conditioner cost savings best air?

Do I need to buy a new air conditioning unit?

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If you live in Texas, you already know about the searing heat in the summer. Fans are fine on normal days, but can you really tolerate the hot blasts of air thrown at you when you are already sweating like a pig? You can buy coolers too. They are a much better option than fans because they actually blow cool air in your preferred direction. However, they need a constant supply of ice or water to keep them functioning. And coolers can’t do anything about the humidity either.

In such cases, you need to install an air conditioning unit. It is a significant improvement as far as the upgrade in your comfort is concerned, which comes with an equally significant cost. But the investment is worth it in the long run.

Do I need to buy a new air conditioning unit?

The summer is here, and you might just want to get hold of an air conditioning unit that works. You wouldn’t want to spend more time inside your room while sweating it out, right?

As with buying an expensive product, doing a little homework of your own is always a good thing. The first and foremost thing to decide is its type. Air conditioners come in varieties, namely, the window A/C (now obsolete in some parts), split A/C and central air conditioning. All three have their unique properties, with respectively increasing costs.

Which one is right for you?

Let us take a look at which type of air conditioning unit is right for you if you are looking for a new A/C Unit Livingston, TX.

The window A/C’s can still be found on sale or as used units. These are small to fit in the window frame of your studio apartment and have enough capacity to cool your living room, dining room or even the kitchen.

The split air conditioners are most popular and common in most homes. These A/C’s are made up of two separate units working together. The inner unit blows air and maintains humidity, while the outer unit houses the compressor and fan. Its unique design allows people to fit it almost anywhere. However, most of the times it is installed near the edge of the ceiling on a wall. These A/C’s are suitable for a single room only.

The central air conditioning unit provides a cooling solution to your entire house. It is a complex system made of a condenser, a blower, an evaporator coil and the ductwork which covers your entire house. It is the most expensive, but most effective equipment you can buy.

How can we help?

Fortunately, at BestAirAndHeatLLC, we know which solution works best for you and can suggest appropriate solutions. We are a family owned business, working in the industry since 1983. Our owners are now joined by their son and their daughter in their dedication to providing the best possible heating and cooling systems.

For 35 years, our expert technicians have been providing comfort to many, many people, and we look forward to seeing that relaxed smile when we install the best quality cooling system in your home, where your heart truly lies! Call us today and ask about our specials


Best Air Home Improvement Best Solution Livingston TX

Best Home Improvement Projects Livingston, TX

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Best Air Conditioning Service Livingston, TX for Home Improvement Projects

Let me tell you something about any air conditioning system that is faulty, it can only get worse: especially if you ever acquire low quality and cheapskate repair services for it. So now you know, the seasons won’t stop fluctuating with these global warming days, and it has become a real pain just trying to predict weather conditions, let alone the seasons. Your best bet for keeping the temperature conditions of your premises at desirable or tolerable levels is through efficient and sufficient air conditioning. Otherwise, the air that your loved ones and esteemed guests will breathe won’t be hospitable in any way; it will be too cold, too warm, too stuffy or too thin. You really have to stop postponing fixing your air and temperature conditioning systems and swing to action. If yours isn’t faulty and malfunctioning for the simple reason that you don’t have one already installed, then what are you even waiting for? Give us a call or a visit.

We are anchored in so many cities that you probably won’t have to wait for hours to get us at your place. We are located in all of the following cities, and plan to extend even more: Ace, Blanchard, Camilla, Big Sandy, Cleveland, Corrigan, Cape Royale, Indian Reservation, Coldspring, Midway, Shepherd, Moscow, Goodrich, Point Blank, Romayor, Leggett, Livingston, Votaw, Waterwood, Onalaska, Schwab City, Rye, Woodville, Segno and Seven Oaks.

Why Us?

We don’t recommend making repairs for air conditioning systems and heaters that have outlived their functional ability. That is, among many other strong reasons, why we, Best Air And Heating, LLC., are known for the best air conditioning services Livingston TX. When we fix, we fix the problems and get rid of them for you for good. We are also very good, in fact, the best at:


  • Repairing and fixing air conditioning systems and heaters
  • Installing or replacing air conditioning systems in residential homes or colossal commercial buildings
  • Providing the most reliable repeat and periodical maintenance services, parts and equipment.


Why Wait?

You don’t have to wait to improve your heating and air conditioning. Why wait: certainly not because we are expensive or too costly? Our services are very affordable because of the way we conduct our business. We have in-house specialists who are committed and passionate about improving your living conditions and helping you to secure good and that clean air for your levity and that of your family, clients and guests. Our tools and equipment are also more affordable, despite their impeccable quality, compared to other fast-expiring heaters and air conditioning system components circulating out there at exorbitant prices. Top of the list, the following three reasons are some of the many that make our services and goods very affordable:

  1. We buy in bulk and are very resourceful in procurement
  2. Our personnel is in-house and very diligent (can come over for aftersales services)
  3. We are very established, all over and do not require much spending on transportation and commuting.


The Best of All

The best of all of our selling qualities is that we offer free consultations in your own premises. We offer customized and client-oriented services which are very specific to our clients’ premises designs and architecture and how people prefer to use and experience their buildings.

Contact us today for more details!

Best Air Conditioning Service Livingston, TX

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What happens if your air conditioning system breaks down on the hottest summer night? Or your air conditioning suddenly stopped working? For the best air conditioning service in Livingston, TX, get stressed no more as Air Conditioning and Heating LCC have got you covered!

About The Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC

We are a team of dedicated and qualified contractors and specialists who offer the best, practical, and durable air conditioning and heating solutions to their clients in Livingston, TX, and the neighboring areas. We are official dealers of Bryant products and other wide range of equipment designed to make life easy and comfortable.

Our Services

For starters, all clients are assured of dealing with certified and professional technicians. Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC offers a wide array of services to our clientele such as:

  • Emergency repair services
  • Basic repair and maintenance services
  • Replacement and upgrade services
  • Service agreements
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Commercial and residential installation services

What to Expect From Our Customer Support Team

Do you have any questions and concerns about Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC and the offered products and services? Do you want expert insight into a product? We have a friendly customer support team that is knowledgeable and ready to assist. Also, we have a resourceful FAQ page where all your questions are addressed!

Organized Financing

Do you want to buy air conditioning and heating equipment from Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC? The good is news is that we have financing options with flexible payment options, low interest rates, and low monthly payments.

Why Choose Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC

We are leading brand dealers in the market with many years of experience and a broad clientele. Clients receive impeccable services, high-quality products, and expert advice that saves them time and money. It also makes their lives more comfortable and hassle-free!

Contact Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC and get the best of your air conditioning and heating needs!

Best Air Conditioning Service Point Blank, TX

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Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC have created a niche for themselves as the most reliable and professional best air conditioning service Point Blank, TX experts. Their impeccable wide array of products, impeccable services, and an excellent customer care team that will make you comfortable and your shopping experience hassle-free!
A team of dedicated professionals who seek to make the air conditioning and heating needs of their clients are met. They offer their services to Point Blank TX clients and other neighboring areas.


Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC deals with a wide array of products designed to meet their clients’ needs. Also, they have customized services based on the needs of their clientele. They deal with a wide range of air conditioning and heating equipment such as:

  • Air cleaners
  • UV lights
  • Duct-free systems
  • Thermostats
  • Zoning products


Are you having trouble with your heating and air conditioning needs? Do you need an expert to do basic maintenance and repair services to your equipment? Worry no more! Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC offers immaculate services at affordable services which include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency repair services
  • Basic repair and maintenance services
  • Replacement and upgrade services
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Commercial and residential installation services

They also have service agreements with their clients for scheduled maintenance and repair services.

Why Choose Best Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Excellent Customer Support

Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC has an excellent customer support team that aims to make the clients have a comfortable shopping experience. The team will readily assist by answering any questions, give more insight into their various products, and share expert tips. They also have a resourceful FAQ page that sheds light on their products and services.

Financing Options
Our clients also have financing options with flexible payment options and different payment rates with low-interest monthly payments.

Best Air Conditioning Service in Cold Spring, TX

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Are you looking for the best air conditioning service Cold Spring, TX? Look no further! Best Air Conditioning & Heating has got you covered! With a wide a range of services and products, residents from Cold Spring TX and neighboring areas are covered.


Best Air Conditioning & Heating LLC seeks to offer practical, efficient, and long-lasting solutions to your business and homes. They have unique products where their clients and choose from such indoor air conditioning and heating equipment that will make life more comfortable. We are the official Bryant dealers who supply a wide array of innovative products. Relax and let the professionals take charge! Good news is that they have customized solutions to all their clients’ needs.

Cold Spring, TX Services

We have licensed and professional specialists and contractors with a vast knowledge of heating and air conditioning services. Some of their services include:

HVAC Repairs

  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Replacements and Upgrades
  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Furnace and Air Conditioning Installation
  • Repair and Maintenance Services

Support and Customer Care

Do you have any air conditioning and heating problems that you need to be resolved?  Are you wondering what the best way to reduce your energy costs is? Or maybe you need help deciding on the best product to purchase? Worry no more!  At Best Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, we have a reliable and friendly team that will share troubleshooting options, impart some product knowledge, and give expert advice.

Why Choose Best Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC?

  • We have of professional and certified specialists and consultants who are always ready to assist.
  • We offer a wide array of services and products. You will be spoilt for choice!
  • We have friendly and affordable financing options
  • We have excellent customer support and helpful FAQ resources come in handy for clients who may have queries and concerns.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now, request an appointment, and enjoy our impeccable 5-star services!